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The House of the Flying Kitties is an illustrated children's book about the adventures of Cid the Cat (aka Bubbles), Bobbie, Master Yang-Tsi Fu, Lily, Meowmie, the Professor, and their friends as they learn and practice the ancient martial arts of the flying kitties. Together they face many challenges, practice martial arts, and go on many adventures.
New book: Automated Semantic Understanding of Human Emotions in Writing and Speech Paperback. This is a science book now available from Amazon. This book relates to Affective Human Computer Interaction (A-HCI) and the development of automated virtual assistive systems.

Getting Started with Deep Learning: Programming and Methodologies using Python

Ever since 2007 with the explosion in the use of parallel hardware, the field of machine learning has become more exciting and more promising. It seems that the dream of true AI is finally just around the corner. In this book I hope to provide basic discussions of machine learning and in particular deep learning to help readers to quickly get started in using these technologies. The goal in this book is to help people new to deep learning to quickly get started with these concepts using python and Tensorflow. Therefore, a lot of detail is spent on helping the reader to write his or her first deep network classifier.